A Cure for Violence

Hi everyone:

I hope your weekend is going fan-tastic! For my first post, I found a story on violence and an age-old question tied to it… is is possible to stop violence before it occurs? Is there a cure for violence? I find it utterly fascinating, especially coming from a Sociology background. I hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “A Cure for Violence

  1. In this vein I would highly recommend checking out The Interrupters, a documentary about an innovative program that treats violence epidemiologically, made by the directors of the (also fantastic) Hoop Dreams:


    Gary Slutkin, the creator of the program, says: “Violence is like the great epidemics of history. We used to consider the victims of leprosy, tuberculosis, etc as evil people, and we put them in dungeons. What perpetuates violence today can be as invisible as the microorganisms of the past were. Coming back from working on infectious disease in Africa, I saw violence as behavior, not as bad people. You can judge it, but it’s not what we do in science. For the young people in these neighborhoods, they see violence as their disease, what they expect to die of.”

    A good link that links this up to larger trends in anthropology:


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