Medical anthropologist (and doula) speaking in Rochester on Saturday

Cynthia Gabriel, of Ann Arbor, will be discussing her book: Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds.  $20 in advance or $25 at the door (includes lunch),  from 11:30 to 2:30 on Saturday, October 13th at 423 South Main Street in downtown Rochester.  Those interested can register by emailing or calling 248.429.9070.


Cynthia’s bio:

Cynthia Gabriel is a medical anthropologist, mother of three, and a doula who has attended over 100 births in three countries. With a PhD from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Post-Doctorate Fellowship from the University of Michigan, Gabriel conducts research on two projects.  The first focuses on hospital birth in Russia and the second on stress during pregnancy among African American women. She served as Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Center for the Childbearing Year, and runs women’s and parents’ support groups. Gabriel is also the co-founder of Growing Together, a Life Learning Center that offers psychotherapy and life coaching services in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she resides.


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