Why has race survived?

Wonderings from The Stone of the NYT.


One thought on “Why has race survived?

  1. Thanks for posting this, Dorota. Another great discussion from The Stone, and some good historical context for us. See especially the intriguing footnote that the philosopher felt compelled to add: yes, of course, race doesn’t exist, but it’s of real value (he asserts) in some medical contexts. We will be thinking much more about this topic in the context of medicalization and “ethnic” drugs later in the semester. I had also mentioned in class a recent study


    that finds that African-Americans may be less likely to get cancer than whites, but those that do are more likely to die from it. Clearly, the category still matters as a stand-in for an undefined complex of social, economic and structural factors that place certain populations at higher risk. Nevertheless, its use is still problematic at several levels that we’ll be exploring in the months to come.

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