Viability at 23 weeks 6 days

New chances accompany new moral dilemmas when technology is applied to human reproduction.  Don’t miss this thought-provoking podcast from Radiolab:

Technology has had a profound effect on how we get pregnant, give birth, and think about life and death. The decision to become parents was not an easy one for Kelley and Tom. Even after they sorted out their relationship issues and hopes for the future, getting pregnant wasn’t easy. But, thanks to a lot of technology, they found a way to a baby. Then, about halfway through the pregnancy, the trouble began. Neonatal nurse practitioner Diane Loisel describes helping Kelley and Tom make the most important decision of their lives. And Nita Farahany helps Jad and Robert understand the significance of viability, and how technology has influenced its meaning…making a difficult idea even harder to pin down. [Listen here]

(tip of my Stormy Kromer cap to the Twitter feeds of Somatosphere and AnthroRepro)

One thought on “Viability at 23 weeks 6 days

  1. Regarding age of viability and ethics, I cam across this interesting ethical medical debate. I think it’s a very hard debate, especially given the recent trial that’s been all over the news. The author’s questions bring up pertinent points over the difference in what is considered life and the consequences of labeling and agency, not to mention morality.

    “What constitutes a person with rights?
    Is there a moral difference between killing a baby of the same gestation inside and outside the womb?
    Is there a moral difference between euthanasia and withdrawal of treatment and/or sedation with the explicit intention that the baby will die?
    In what circumstance is ‘letting die’ morally different from killing?”

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