“Mediator,” France, weight loss, and pharmaceutical politics

“Mediator,” French amphetamine based prescription drug, has been under investigation since at least 2011. Here you can read about  more recent news regarding this “medication.” Trail involving corruption and manslaughter accusation is just starting in France (RMFFM).

Foucault, “Depression and the Limits of Psychiatry”

“What psychiatry presents as the liberation of the mad (from mental illness) is in fact a gigantic moral imprisonment” as Michel Foucault claimedLook here for more on psychiatric practice, DSM-5, and the dangers of the notion “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Controversial DSM-5 approved for publication in May

The National Psychologist, January/February 2013 issue page 6, publishes 2 articles: 1) about Psychiatric association approval of DSM-5 publication in spite of complaints from the professional field and 2) how Psychologist organizations react to DSM-5. Both are scanned in one document.

It is worth considering how construction of diagnosis is interrelated with political biomedical authority. The process might not necessarily benefit the individual but it leads to creation of compliant body and collectively a member of Foucalian society.