WHO study on surviving premature birth

http://www.who.int/pmnch/media/news/2012/introduction.pdf (just the TOC and some main points, unfortunately)

Big study (WHO, UN) argues that many more infants can survive prematurity (the single largest cause of newborn death) if parents use basic strategies and treatments.  A quick scan yields some interesting points:

-Looks like two semi-separate issues: prematurity among the well-off driven by rising caesarean rates and older mothers, among the poor driven by malaria, infections, absence of prenatal care and teen mothers.

-Although it seems like a lot of the problem is getting basic treatment (like antenatal corticosteroids) to poor people and fostering prenatal care, the report (and media coverage of it) place a good deal of emphasis on education, particularly on overcoming perceptions that premature or sickly infants are doomed (Think of Death without Weeping).